The Story Behind GAYA

Beautifully made for the eco-friendly, nature enthusiasts. GAYA is more than just style, it is a statement of one owns character, a character that wants freedom and a life of simplicity but still holding onto the principle of being aware of the environment. ADANIA has always been known for its principal of using all natural and organic ingredients for its skincare and thus it continues to do so with GAYA, in creating apparels that nature would approve.

GAYA introduces the Organic Range, made entirely natural from Organic Cotton, Peace Silk and Modal fabric. This range is not just as a fashion collection but also an awareness towards eco-friendly fashion. The Silk Satin Range from GAYA explores more on the design of nature, while we work on making it as natural as possible by using the Silk fabric but with a mix of non-organic material. We strive to make this collection as sustainable as it can be through following good production ethics and minimal use of fabric to avoid wastage. Our apparels are made minimalist yet still bring an elegant sophisticated look to enhance beauty naturally.

The founder believes that every fashion piece should be made with care and respect towards nature. GAYA by ADANIA stylishly works on making its productions to follow the ethical fashion criteria as much as possible thus the company makes it compulsory for the manufacturer and all its processes to follow the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

The production for Organic Range uses Natural Herbal Dyes or Azo-Free Low Impact Eco dyes to colour the textiles while the fabric materials are certified by the Ecocert and GOTS. All of GAYA’s production workers are working in a safe, clean condition because we really try to bound ourselves to sustainable fashion ethics. GAYA by ADANIA wishes to spread the awareness and love of nature to all its followers, thus making sure that we strive hard to make every single thing approved by nature.